Nach einer ca. 1-monatigen Feldstudie an verschiedenen Orten in Deutschland, die wir größtenteils mit unseren

Kumpels, den The Zsa Zsa Gabor's durchgeführt haben, sind wir zu folgendem Ergebnis gekommen:


Unerwarteterweise sind wir alle einigermaßen heil aus der Sache wieder raus, und zu Hause angekommen! Wir hatten ein paar schöne Wochenenden für die wir uns bedanken wollen. Zu allererst bei unserem besten Mann Thomas Bauér für jedes verdammte Konzert in jedem versifften Beislkeller in jedem entlegenen Winkel in Europa, bei Eva Diehl und Danny Durden für generell alles, bei Dipsy Chipsy und den wahnsinnig netten Menschen bei Noise Massacre Shows, bei der hammermäßigen Crew im Klubhaus Saalfeld und unseren Homies von Panne e.V. in Nürnberg für die wieder mal ausnahmsweise Eskalation ;) !!!

Vielen Dank an unsere neuen Freunde Rheinrebell Records & Booking in Köln für die Einladung, den freundlichen Empfang und die Gastfreundschaft, und natürlich an den guten El Lawigator für eine weitere unvergessliche Nacht im Rattenloch Schwerte und den netten Ausklang bei dir zu Hause XD, sowie an unsere Kumpel/inen Rasender Stillstand! Hat uns gefreut, euch mal wieder zu sehen! Und zu guterletzt danke für das einzigartige Open Air bei 10 Grad an das Kopernikus in Hannover!

Danke euch allen für die Einladung, die Gastfreundschaft, die Organisation und das Bühne Teilen, die netten Gespräche und die gemeinsamen Getränke!

Es war uns ein unvergesslicher Monat!

Als Abschluss gibts noch ein repräsentatives Zeitdokument unserer gnadenlosen Eskalation der letzten Wochen:


Dieses Wochenende sind wir wieder mit unseren Kollegas The Zsa Zsa Gabors unterwegs!

19.10.2017 Köln (D) - Resistance


20.10.2017 Schwerte (D) - Rattenloch mit Rasender Stillstand


21.10.2017 Hannover (D) - Kopernikus mit Die KellerRatten, Scobben, Wegbier








Der Herbstreigen geht weiter!

Dieses Wochenende geht's mit unseren Homies, den The Zsa Zsa Gabor's nach DE!

06.10. - Saalfeld / Klubhaus

07.10. - Nürnberg / Kunstverein

STPUNX in the road!






As we announced lately, we´re currently in search of a new bass-player. That´s why we didn´t do any booking work for the near future!

Anyway we have some shows left to announce with our fellow member Rid-C. It would be nice if you join us on his last journey, hehe.

Also, I will be around a lot with my acoustic-programme and play some shows along with the great Chris Magerl. Check out the show section for dates and details.

Finally, a call to arms - if you are someone or know someone who knows anyone who knows how to hold a bass-guitar properly: We want to go on with full force! So don´t be shy - announce yourself!


Cheers Alex Alert


















It´s been a while again since nothing new came up from us! There are several reasons for this. First, we have to announce a change of band line up as we had to split with our founding member mad_h for personal reasons. But within no time we found more than equal substitute, thus, we go on playing our next shows introducing our new member Weird-L! Well, mentioning our next shows we kindly want to refer you to our show-section which we put up to date! So look up when DCR comes to your town! We would be pleased if as many of you guys show up and give us some support as we are as always trying hard to put up shows, support locals ourselves and spread our message as usual!

Love DCR






Last week´s interlude in Vienna was really nice and we had a lot of fun playing for our local people again (which hasn´t occurred too often lately)...

However, we´re up up and away again by the end of month to try our luck in the UK! We´re looking forward to do part II of our Austria-UK exchange with our brothers in ZIPLOCK!

We´re excited to see some new places and meet new people over there! So if you´re from the UK check out our Shows-Section to find out where you can meet us!

CU soon! Cheers!



Ruhrpott - we´re coming for you!

Holidays are over soon and we are starting over again!

We´ll be hitting Mühlheim and Schwerte in September, just before our kick-off in the UK (dates tbc)

Meanwhile, check out our show section or get some merch as we need money for the fuel




We´ve been...

...working on some new songstuff as well as a lot of organizational work. That´s why our website suffered a lack of update recently.

However, if you look up the Show-Section you will find some new dates announced as well as some dates tba. If you want to help us out on those, don´t hesitate to do so!

Next highlight this year will be our weekend in Germany. We will come out to Taufkirchen/Vils and continue our journey to Göttingen where we will appear at this year´s heaviest event ever (check flyer below). We are looking forward to this and hope to see some old and make some new friends there!

Best regards,


Oh Yeah!

Our new ANTI-ANTHEMS-SHIRTS arrived right on time for our Easter-Weekend Tour! These shirts are a special series to our new album and comes with free download! Be sure to come out to one of our shows and grab one.

If you can´t make it feel free to order via the Merch-section!

Eastern-Austria watch out!

We´re coming for you! We are looking forward to a heavy Easter Weekend and a Mini Tour with our mates in Ziplock (UK). These Shows will be followed by our Anti-Anthems Release Party in our beloved hometown StP. So make sure you show up at Freiraum St. Pölten on April 25 to not miss our show with the living legends Zsa Zsa Gabors and Degradace (CZ)!

So this is...

...what our Release Party in Gießen was like! We had a great time there and a lot of bonebreaking fun with our hosts! Here are the official Release-Photos along with our Label-Bosses Danny and Eve and the great Obtrusive!

By the way! If you check out our Show-Section you will see that in about one week we will appear with them in Vienna. It will be a great night with very heavy live performances. Regrettably this will be the last show of Obtrusive in Austria ever! So be advised to not miss this one... Seeya!!!



We are very proud to announce that our first full-length album is now available either on 12"-Vinyl (with free downloadcard and precious inside-out print) or - if you are more a kind of 21st century digital person - on download via our bandcamp site.

You can order the vinyl via our merch-section, at Maniac-Attack Records or Riot Records (the last two options are recommended if you are located in Germany). Or just pass by at one of our shows!

With regards!